Bosch GCM 800 SJ Professional Miter Saw: Basic Yet Powerful

Lightweight, durable, and with a power output exceeding 5000 rpm, the Bosch GCM 800 SJ Professional miter saw is designed to meet the user’s needs in any situation. It may be the most basic miter saw in the Professional series, but it still carries the Bosch quality, ensuring precise square and miter cuts.

Features of the Bosch GCM 800 SJ Saw:

Advantages of the Bosch GCM 800 SJ Miter Saw:

Compared to other models, what advantages does this miter saw offer?

  1. Lightweight Model: It stands out for its lightweight design. Whether for indoor or outdoor projects, it’s perfect as it can be carried with one hand.
  2. Great Cutting Capacity: It provides cuts from 0 to 45-degree angles, making crosscuts and miters straightforward.
  3. Basic Model: Ideal for those with limited experience using miter saws, as it is quite basic. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to use.
  4. Simple but Comprehensive Safety System: With this miter saw, there’s no need to fear accidents. It features an automatic shutdown system within seconds in case of a power outage and a safety mechanism to prevent contact with the saw blade. It doesn’t get safer than this!
  5. Very Affordable Price: Being a basic model, its price is budget-friendly, catering to those seeking an affordable tool for home projects and small repairs.
  6. Extendable Arm: One of its best advantages is the extendable arm, allowing you to cut pieces of different widths with ease.

The Best Offer for One of the Best Basic Miter Saws on the Market

It’s a miter saw designed for anyone, with the best possible price for a basic tool. Bosch has considered both professionals and those who will face the use of this device for the first time.

Thanks to its 5500 rpm power, it can cut a wide range of materials, especially wood, such as beech, redwood, or sapele, in a matter of seconds.

The 1400-watt motor produces only 93 dB of noise, making it user-friendly and not disturbing to neighbors. Crosscuts can be made on a 70×270 mm piece of wood, while miters should be made on a 70×190 mm piece. In case of bevel cuts, it can handle a 48×270 mm piece.

It cuts fairly quickly, and there’s no need to worry about the power source being far away. In fact, its cable is quite long, so distance won’t be a problem.

How to Use the GCM 800 SJ Professional:

As the basic version of this brand, it’s user-friendly. Once assembled, adjusting the saw’s cutting angle is straightforward, thanks to the built-in tape measure on the table. Just place it at the desired angle, and you’re ready to go.

Although it comes with a small laser, it’s better to mark the cutting point with a pencil. After marking, it’s time to cut. If the piece is too wide, simply extend the arm gently, and it will gradually return to its original position.

Even though its saw blade has only 24 teeth, it can easily cut thick wooden pieces in a matter of seconds. The saw takes a moment to stop spinning after cutting, so be cautious when lifting it.

Some Drawbacks:

Being such a basic model, it might have some disadvantages for professionals:

  1. Delayed Blade Stop: The saw takes a moment to stop, which can be dangerous if not handled with care. Additionally, for cutting harder materials, you may need a blade with more teeth.
  2. No Dust Collection Bag: It doesn’t include a dust collection bag, so you’ll need to purchase a separate dust collection tube or bag for the machine.
  3. Laser Precision: The laser is not very precise, so it’s better to mark the cutting point with a pencil or use the blade’s guidelines to avoid mistakes.

User Opinions on the Bosch GCM 800 SJ Professional Miter Saw:

Although it’s a basic model, users who have used it are very satisfied with this machine, with over fifty 4-star reviews on Amazon.

Users appreciate not only its ease of use but also the quality of the machine. Built with top-notch materials to be durable, it’s a simple saw that can cut hardwood despite its robustness. It offers basic but very practical applications.

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